Organisation chart

The Consortium includes the following bodies/offices:
The General Meeting; the Manufacturing Members’ Meeting; the Board of Directors; the Executive Committee; the Chairman of the Consortium and of the Board of Directors; the General Manager; the Board of Auditors and the Consortium Commission. Specifically, according to the law the manufacturers of Prosciutto di San Daniele (ham makers) have a 66 % interest in the Consortium, while pig farmers, the butchers and the workshops where the hams are cut into sections and sliced own the remaining 33 %. There are two general assemblies: the Consortium Members’ Meeting and the Manufacturers’ Meeting.

Producers’ representatives
Giuseppe Villani

Deputy Chairpersons
Alessio Prolongo

Board Members
Alberto Bellegotti
Lorenzo Bagatto
Sofia Kavcic
Nicola Levoni
Marco Pulici

Butchers’ representative
Daniele Martelli

Farmers’ representatives
Adriano Milani
Matteo Zolin

Giuseppe Villani
Alessio Prolongo
Lorenzo Bagatto
Alberto Bellegotti
Sofia Kavcic
Nicola Levoni
Marco Pulici


Gabriele Pecile

(in accordance with Art. 48 of the By-laws for the three-year period 2011-2013)
Chairman and representative of the pig farmers
Carlo Venturini

Secretary, appointed by the Prosciutto di San Daniele Consortium
Mario Emilio Cichetti

Manufacturers’ representatives
Ernesto Bucci
Alberto Bellegotti
Nicola Levoni
Alessio Prolongo

Pig farmers’ representatives
Antonio Bressan
Gianluigi D’Orlandi

Representative of ANAS
Maurizio Gallo

Butchers’ representatives
Davide Calderone
Marco Maini
Andrea Martelli
Paolo Tregambe

Expert appointed by the Prosciutto di San Daniele Consortium(*)
Roberta Virgili

Breakdown according to professions
4 manufacturers’ representatives
4 pig farmers’ representatives
4 butchers’ representatives
(*) if required, each of the categories mentioned above may appoint three experts


General Manager
Mario Emilio Cichetti

Co-ordination of Protection and General Affairs
Carlo Zuccolo – Deputy Chairperson  – Chief Inspector of the Supervisory Services

General Secretary’s Office
Federica Mattioni
Samantha Gosparini

Stefania Persello

Technical and Economic Secretary’s Office
Katia Vezzoni

Marketing and Communication
Daniela Celledoni

Marketing and External Relations
Krista Marangoni

Supervisory Services, Technical Services and Quality Systems
Federico Cecconi – Inspector, Technical Services and Protection
Selenia Galanetto – Inspector, Quality Systems and Technical Services
Elia Bortoluzzi – Inspector, Technical Services, Protection and Quality Systems
Alessandro Ciciliot – Inspector, Technical Services and Protection